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Secret Shopper Employment – My Story

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Hey it’s Alison here,

If you are considering secret shopper employment I’m really pleased you’ve found this website and highly recommend you  keep reading to the end because this is a “warts and all” tale of the ups and downs and of course the happy ending about how I became a mystery shopper. If you’re in a rush you can click here to see the agency I finally settled with.

I used to work in a medium sized corporation as a credit controller until I finished work to start a family. After raising the children for a few years I resumed some sort of normal life  and I wanted to work again.

Looking for work again ….

I wanted a job part time ideally but I was in for a big shock when I started looking for work again. In my original line of work nobody seemed interested in employing someone with family commitments like mine, I got rejection after rejection. I was starting to feel really low and worthless after a couple of months. I needed to work and feel the sense of achievement again. I also wanted to see my children grow up so full time employment was not an option for me. I went for interview after interview and got the same old responses every time Which were either nothing at all or a letter of rejection. The main problem was the hours I was willing to work I guess. In short I wanted the dream job, work when I want and earn decent money in return.

I needed an alternative …

I started looking for an alternatives and I had heard about secret shopping from friends who work in stores so I decided to start searching for any agencies and vacancies to find out how I could become a mystery shopper. What a mine field it turned out to be! There are lots of agencies out there and they are not all what they suggest they are on their brochures or web site. The main problem is sorting the good ones from the bad ones. I registered for several initially starting with free ones only to find they either wanted to charge me money or were trying to scam me. then I paid for a couple of other agencies only to find the work they offered wasn’t really in my area and the other one was so restricted I wasn’t earning any profit.  Mystery shopping was starting to wear me out!

A TV show was my saviour…

Then one day on ABC there was an article about mystery shopping and my ears pricked. It mentioned a company and I thought this has to be worth a look.  Within an hour I popped on to their web site and had a good read through all the content. Remember I had been bitten before so I was being a more cautious than most would.  Within fifteen minutes  I was signing up for a position with them. My stomach was churning because I was desperate not to be scammed again, my husband would be furious so I never told him for a month! I needn’t have worried in the slightest, by the next day I was ready to go and had evaluation assignments waiting for me up to 8 weeks ahead. In fact, I had more work  than I wanted but it didn’t matter, I don’t have to take any of the requests remember. It’s not like being told by your boss to do something, it’s a list of jobs you have the option to take. I did get a bit greedy at first to get some money together for a vacation but then I settled it down to working a little at weekends (usually meals out with the family evaluations or car hire) and I work a couple of days in the week doing department store evaluations. It’s my dream job.

Are there any bad points I hear you ask?..

Nothing is ever perfect and we all know that in life there will always be something that we would like to change. The one thing that I wasn’t keen on, and this applies to all of the secret shopper companies, was that I had to pay a small admin fee to sign up for work. I needn’t have worried though, my agency more than paid for the fee in the first assignment so I soon forgot about that.

The really good news is…

I didn’t want to end on bad points so I thought I would give you the major positives which are:

The Demand for Mystery Shoppers is Growing Exponentially
It’s $1.5  billion industry and still growing
Everything you buy on your assignment you keep. (I put unwanted items on eBay)
You can take your spouse or kids on assignment with you if you wish
Flexible Working Hours

I hope you have found my story useful.

Click here to visit the agency I recommend. 

Wishing you every success and happiness,

Become A Mystery Shopper – What Does The Job Involve?

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You want to become a mystery shopper but don’t know what the job involves? Below is an brief overview for you.

What does a mystery shopper do?
In short you go to the shop buy something or request information on something then go back and  write  small report on it. Most often you then transfer your reported comments or feedback to your secret shopping agency web site for them to forward to the hiring organisation. A word of warning, make sure you fill the details in accurately to avoid being penalised. It helps if you have spelled all the words correctly too. I confess, I usually have open in the next tab so I can check any spellings I am not 100% certain about. The more accurate your are the more you earn so try to work on a “less haste, more pace” ethos.

What Kind of Questions Do Companies Ask?

Were you greeted by a sales person?
How long did you have to wait before someone offered to help you?
Was the store clean and tidy?
What was your overall experience like, good or bad?
Did the sales assistant have sufficient product knowledge?
Did you encounter any problems at all, if so what were they?
What could we change or add to make your visit a better one?

What sort of shopping tasks might I have to do?

Dine at a restaurant
Watch a movie at a theatre
Rent video, DVDs or video games from a video rental shop
Have a relaxing message or facial at a spa or Health club
Rent a vehicle for a day
Test driving a car at a dealership
Have a hair cut or hair styled
Book a flight at a travel agents
Play Golf or have Golf Lessons at a golf  & country club
Get an oil change on your car

What Kind of  Shops Will I have to Visit

Department stores
Grocery stores
Book stores
Shoe stores
Health & Fitness stores
Electronic shops
Wine stores
Travel & Tourism shops
Music Stores

These are only a sample of the tasks you may be required to do. Never under estimate how important your job will be if you become a mystery shopper, it’s a valuable service where everyone is a winner. If you have to report a negative you usually find that if you were to go back to the same business to do an evaluation a year or six months later the problem has been rectified. I’d guarantee it. The business gets more customers because they have improved and the consumer gets a better experience when they visit.

If You Find Secret Shopper Employment Don’t Do This!

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Whether you do Secret Shopper Employment or not  please take heed of this video information below. Not to mention that you never know who is reading your social web site page and they may even work for the store you are on the way to evaluate which would prevent you getting a true picture of the service.